After the brilliant success of our Davos 2017 Summit on “Philanthropic Leadership for Humanity” we will host another Philanthropic Summit in 2019 … Watch this space.

We are quite fortunate, as a community, to have developed significantly as a direct result of the success of our entrepreneurs. Indeed our heritage illustrates a strong business mind-set: from the formation of our community by traders who emigrated from the Indian Subcontinent, to the philanthropy and social investments made by our leading businessmen and women today.

In order to further galvanise this spirit and in order to create a strategy of collective collaboration of social investment, we hosted the Inaugural Khoja Business Leaders’ Summit from September 8th to 10th 2017 in Davos, Switzerland.

This landmark event brought together over 150 of our most successful, most dynamic and most cutting-edge entrepreneurs, executives, academics and thought leaders from across the world. Our community is fortunate to have today many of the leading industrialists of Africa, a plethora of the finest merchants from the Indian Subcontinent and many of the best trained professionals in Europe. The strength of our community’s businessmen and women is significant.

And so by bringing together our finest minds, our biggest investors and our greatest assets we took a major step towards catalysing great social investments into our community and indeed into humanity at large.

The Davos Accord, signed at the summit, resolved to tackle three challenges that we highlighted as our priorities:

  1. Eradicating poverty in our Khoja community through sustainable economic development
  2. Education
  3. Emergency disaster relief.

We also adopted United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with Global Sustainability Network, specifically to end forced labour and slavery.

We are resolved to share best practice, pool resources and cross-pollinate ideas through collaboration and partnership.